Workshop in Italy – 8th and 15th of March 2014

First workshop COINFO, ITALY – 8 on March, 2014
Are you a victim? Get assistance!!!.

Onn March 8 , 2014, as part of the activities planned for COINFO under the EU Project : IMPROVING PROTECTION OF VICTIMS ‘ RIGHTS . ACCESS TO LEGAL AID, the first thematic workshop aimed at the population as possible victims of crime or who had already had experience of crime against them was held in Lecce.

The title of the seminar was taken from the brochure used in the campaign to disseminate the best practices for the protection of victims of crime: Are you a victim ? Get assistance!

The meeting was held during the celebration of Women’s Day on 8 March at the headquarters of the Association ADA Salento of Lecce. This association is mainly engaged in protecting and defending elderly people who are often victims of fraud, of business scams, of burglary in the house and of muggings on the street.

In the presence of about 50 participants, mostly women, the objectives and expected results of the VICS project was explained. In particular different possibilities for victims of crime were represented. They were shown how to obtain the free defense in court, to enlist the help of the State and voluntary associations that are specialized in this area, to contact the trade unions and patronage for obtaining benefits provided by law.

The seminar was publicized by putting up posters, sending the PDF of the poster to the mailing list of interested associations, authorities and a list of the people involved in the problems of the victims of a crime.

During the seminar brochures were distributed in Italian, specifically prepared by COINFO. The speakers made their speeches using slides on the Italian criminal and procedural law (also prepared by COINFO), focusing especially on the civil law aspects of the problem and on legal aid to the victims.

The seminar was organized and carried out with the local partners of the project and was carried out with the aid of ADA Salento, ADA Bari, ADA Taranto and UIL Pensionati of Lecce. The speakers were Italian researchers on the project and lawyers trained in Poznan, with the support of legal professionals specialized in the field of protection and the protection of victims of crime.

After the speeches, a concise and clear wide-ranging discussion took place, during which it was possible to provide all the information required, to distribute the material available, to provide the addresses of institutions and associations of local and national partners in the project.

Second workshop COINFO, ITALY
15 on March, 2014
Are you a victim? Get assistance!!!.

On the 15th March 2014 a seminar was organized to disseminate the results of the VICS project at AFERSI,
association for immigrants in Piazza Chiesa Greca, Lecce. The seminar was dedicated to immigrants of
different ethnic backgrounds, in particular the Albanian, Moroccan, Romanian, Cuban and Polish
communities, which are the most numerous on the territory.

The researchers presented the results of the research and discussed with those present the issues related
to crime victims and the ability to get help and support from the state and the organizations that represent
the interests of the victims, in particular by organizations operating in the field of the protection of

In this workshop brochures were distributed to the main community leaders and cultural mediators
working in the area. In this way a large number of immigrants will be reached. Padre Nik the local priest
was also present and he was issued a number of brochures to distribute to the immigrants in his local
parish. The brochures produced were in both Italian and English language.

The workshop was organized with the local partners of the project and with the aid of Bledar TOROZI
Ethnos in the context of AFERSI – Association for immigrants at the Greek Church in Lecce.
After the presentation of the research a discussion and roundtable followed as each member of the
immigrant communities and associations gave a contribution.

Workshop Vittime da reato 2014 – FOTO (1)