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COINFO (Interuniversity  Consortium on  Education) is a non-profit association involved in education and research for
adults employed in Universities and Public Administration. It is a unique institution in the European and international
academic  scene.  In  2004 the  Ministry of  Education University  and  Research  conferred juridical  personality on  the
consortium (G.U. n. 48 – 27.2.2008) and acknowledged the social utility of its aims.

COINFO  was  established  in  1994  by  six  Universities  and  by  the  Presidency  of  the  Couneil  of  Ministers  –  National
School for Public Administration. Soon it became a great network of universities aimed  at improving the quality of
education and the  efficiency  in administration. Up to now  COINFO  has  delivered its training services  to more than
12.000 people.

Competitive  advantage  of  organizations  depends  on  their  ability  to  recognize  the  importance  of  knowledge  in
innovating systems, processes and services. In the Universities, with the Universities and for the  University: this is
the mission of COINFO, which promotes a new way of operating based on sharing and active participation in building
a common project, capable of  reconciling individual  interests.  COINFO aims to support the spreading of an oriented
culture  and  to  match  the  changes  taking  piace  in  knowledge  and  lifelong  learning  society.  COINFO  assists  the
organizations in designing and implementing a comprehensive set of human capital professional training solutions,
ensuring  that  in-house  talent  is  armed  with  the  requisite  technical  skills  to  successfully  meet  organizational

COINFO  delivers,  promotes  and  develops  long  life  learning  according  to  national  and  european  directives  with
particular reference to employees in Public  Administration and  Universities.  It  carries out a connecting task across
university research, complex organization management and valorization of human resources.  It plans and organizes
studies, researches, conferences, masters, training courses and  workshops with  consortiated universities. Training
subjects  deal  with:  law,  accountancy,  human  capital  management  and  training,  public  communication,  safety  at
work,  librarianship,  environment,  budget,  process  simplification  and  product  re-engineering,  digital  documents
management, services evaluation, educators training.
Consortium takes part in many research and education programs financed by European Union and local government,
and  cooperates  with  Trade  Unions  in  education  activity  for  their  members.  Research  subjects  deal  with  long  life
education, adult education, training needs analysis, financed and unfinanced planning, results  evaluation and their
effects on education.
COINFO publishes different series which contain studies, researches, proceedings and workshops.

Training approach is tailor made. The tailored and customized learning solutions are designed to meet organizational
specific activity  challenges. Consultant experts work throughout the program design to determine the customization
required  to meet  program  objectives.  Approach  is  characterized  by:  insight about  how to make the  Iink between
people  performance  and  the  organization’s  strategy and  goals;  a  robust  design  approach,  which  ensures that  the
learning is engaging, sustainable and applied in the workplace; expertise in blending of learning methods; a proven
track record of innovation in learning.

Teaching staff consist of professors, researchers, magistrates, managers, experts and consultants, in order to provide
access to a vaste network of resources with varied experiences, delivery styles and content knowledge.

COINFO administrative office is in the University of Turin. The activities are performed by management, planned and
carried  out  with  the  associated  universities.  Every  year  the  Members  Assembly  approves  the  Consortium  Annual
Activities  Plan  following  the  guidelines  fixed  by  the  Scientific  Board  and  the  operative  strategies  set  by  the
Administrative  Board.  The  Scientific  Board  is  made  up  of  representatives  of  the  Presidency  of  the  Council  of
Ministers  –  National School for Public Administration (SSPA), members of the Ministry of Education University and
Research (MIUR), the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) and the Congress Administrative Directors.

Leadership CO.IN.FO.
Prof. Franco BOCHICCHIO – Director
Dr. Francesca GRASSI – Vice Director
Administrative staff:
Mrs. Luciana LUISON
Dr. Rosanna AUDIA
Telephone number +39011/6702290.1
Fax +39011/8140483
web site:
Via Verdi, 8 – 10124 Turin; Via Bogino, 2 – 10124 Turin (Italy)