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KEY QUALIFICATIONS: 35+ year experience as law practitioner and legal advisor. Former UN Senior Judicial Officer and Senior Consultant for UNDP in Judicial System Monitoring and Evaluation programs. Extensive experience in developing and managing projects in judicial reform, access to justice and training of judges and police forces in transitional democracies for UN (in Balkans and South Asia countries), and within EU AGIS-Justice Programs. Wide-ranging academic work in human rights, multiculturalism, and implementation of EU treaties. Visiting law professor. Doctorate degree in Constitutional Law and Human Rights from Ottawa University, Canada. Master in Comparative law from McGill University, Montreal.











































  • · PROJECT MANAGER AND ACADEMIC COORDINATOR in  “Protection of victims’ rights: Access to legal Aid” (project currently in progress)  within EU AGIS-Justice Program. Employer: EU Commission Directorate General Justice. Based in: A. Mickiewicz Univ., Poznan, Poland (2013-2014)

Responsible for coordination of tasks, supervise research and lead of a team of EU universities and NGOs. Supervise training of NGO members and police officers on sensitiveness to avoid double victimization. Supervise production of information tools to be distributed among urban population and rural areas.  Responsible to produce recommendation on best practices to enhance victims’ rights.

Project scope: to  address the access of justice of victims of crime, through identification of common criteria for legal aid to victims of crime to be used as base of harmonization of EU countries legislation (implementation of Directive 2012, 275).

  • PROJECT MANAGER : “Judicial Training in Environmental Crimes and Maritime Pollution”.   (near completion) EU Commission: AGIS-Justice Program:  (2010-2013)

As Project Manager responsible for overall realization of transnational project, coordination of tasks, observing the timetable, budget and control of quality of outputs; link person with EU authorities. Close collaboration with the Scientific Coordinator and Academic Board and transnational partners. To produce Final Recommendations for EU.

Project scope: Training 30 EU judges and prosecutors in environment crimes and maritime pollution issues.

  • · VISITING PROFESSOR in Universities of Eastern Europe, UN system, and of Italy in issues of judicial reform, human rights and right of defense, imprisonment, environment and criminal law.
  • · SENIOR CONSULTANT JUDICIAL SYSTEM MONITORING AND EVALUATION for UN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (UNDP) Access to justice: Strengthening the Justice  System in East Timor.”  TIMOR L’ESTE.  (2008)

Assignment: Monitoring and evaluating all sectors of justice (courts, prosecutor and public defender offices and jails) to recommend on functioning, quality and efficiency of human and material resources of Timor L’Este. Produced Electronic tools for court management, and for assessing prosecutor and   police progress toward set goals. Developed surveys forms, templates, and tools for  analysis of data gathered.

Produced Performance Indicators to measure progress in judicial-police cooperation at regional and national level.

Authored documents on strategic and intermediate goals and actions to put forward a general program of justice reform in Timor L’Este, ensuring coherence in bilingual texts.

  • · PROJECT MANAGER in “Harmonization of rules and practices on Right of Defense in EU”. EU COMMISSION, AGIS-Judicial Reform Program  (2005-2007)

As Project Manager, coordinating team of academics from EU universities and support staff aimed to research and evaluate rules and praxis in the right of defense of 27 EU countries to find grounds for  harmonization in the pre-trial phase, assuring better EU judicial-police cross-border cooperation. Tasks carried out:

Supervised research, ensured coherence in multilingual texts produced.

Supervised realization workshops and dissemination conferences.  Paper reviewing.

Fund raising and supervised budget and administrative issues.

Co-authored proposals to the EU Commission on norms and actions leading to a process of harmonization in compliance with EU Human Right treaties.  Submitted proposals to the EU Commission.


As member of interdisciplinary team conducting legal comparative research on Legal Systems in the world, produced study material, created site for academic consultation, and published papers.


Assignment: As Head of the program, coordinate and manage a team of international uniformed officers, translators and support staff in charge of recruiting and training a police force of 1,500 Bosnian police officers for assignment throughout the local court system. Program Mandate: to set up a police force to enforce court decisions; to assist in investigations to Federal Prosecutor, Human Right local bodies and ICTY; to provide security to judiciary and courts. Tasks carried out

  • · Produced document on harmonized international conventions with domestic legislation.
  • · Designed and implemented a comprehensive training program for local police officers.
  • · Prepared proposal to improve judges/prosecutors-court police cooperation
  • · Provided governance advice and technical assistance to the Supreme Court of Bosnia and   Herzegovina on recruiting, training and deploying of local Bosnian court police
  • · Authored manual-Book Rules for Bosnian court police force working with local judiciary.
  • · Supervised a team of international officers and lawyers in providing technical assistance.
  • · Provided governance advice in implementing law for competence on terrorism, human trafficking and organize crime

Project fully operational and nationally implemented. IC supervision ceased.



Served as Team Coordinator, directing international and local attorneys as well as a support staff. Tasks carried out:

  • · Monitored and assessed the performance of local court system according to European standards, identified needs and determined the adequacy of judicial forces
  • · Recommended improvements of the local court system to UN Headquarters.
  • · Trained judges, prosecutors and police officers in human rights and International Law.
  • · Liaison with the International Community and the Bosnian judiciary.









CANADIAN AIR FORCE.   Montreal, Canada

On special assignment, analyzed and reviewed complex Engineering Contracts in the conversion of helicopter frames into fully equipped rescue helicopters for the Canadian Air Force.

  • · As Team Member, provided the engineering staff of 2,600 engineers with parameters describing contract terms and requirements and contractual impact of technical changes.
  • · Authored a manual for the Engineering Systems Department to identify requirements in contract documents.
  • · GENERAL LAW PRACTICE In corporate, commercial and international law firms, in  Brazil, Argentina and Canada.
  • · Servicing corporate, institutional and individual clients.  Firm specialized in litigation, international trade, contracts and criminal law.
  • · Strategized and assigned cases to partners and associate attorneys.
  • · Worked with an international clientele within the framework of MERCOSUR in developing joint ventures and other business relationships throughout South America, Canada, Italy.





PhD.         Constitutional Law and International LawThesis: “Institutional Responses to Hate Speech under Constitutional and Philosophical Analysis”University of Ottawa, Ottawa. CanadaLL.M. Master in Constitutional Comparative Law and Human Rights

McGill University, Institute of Comparative Law. Montreal. Canada.

Lawyer, Five years general program in legal studies

University of Buenos Aires. Argentina

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE (representative)

Research and Teaching in: McGill University, Institute of Comparative Law. Canada;

  University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. Sant’Anna University, School of Law. Pisa, Italy. University of. Italyniversità di Salento, Lecce, Italy. Turgu Mures University, Rumania.Completed extensive legal research in International Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Law. Researched, prepared papers and reports on Public International Law and International Trade Law.Training graduate students in the utilization of advanced research techniques.Representative studies:

“A study on NAFTA. Development of regional trade within the OAS” (1998)

“Comparative study on World Legal Systems” (2002)

“Harmonization of law on Right of Defense in EU Justice zone” (2007)


PUBLICATIONS (representative)

  General principles of Equality of arms in the context of  re-trial: The defense Independent Investigations.  Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed Europeo, 2011. Numero monografico.
  “The legal principle of Equality of Arms in Criminal Proceedings” in “Towards the Harmonization  of European Rules and Practices on the Right of Defense”  EU Commission. Oct. 2008
  “ Les Systèmes Juridiques du Monde” (comparative analysis in French and English including all legal systems in the world) Wilson & Lafleur Ltee Ed., 2000 Ottawa. Canada
  “El Sistema Juridico del Derecho Civil en el Siglo XX” in La Ciencia del Derecho en el Siglo XX.  (Ed. Mexico: UNAM, 1998).
  “El Futuro del Libre Comercio en el Continente Americano: La Politica Canadiense,” Translation and adaptation of articles by L. Perret, in Revista del Centro de Estudios Canadienses de la Univ. de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. (1992)
  “Jurisdictional Organs O.E.A. (Organization of American States)” Proceedings XIIIth World Congress. International Federation in Law.  Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (1988)

LANGUAGES    Bilingual Spanish – EnglishFluent Italian.Proficient in Portuguese, French