Kick-off meetings

Kick-off meeting – 4th of March 2013


Improving protection of victim’s right: Access to legal aid

Minutes of the Kick – off meeting

Date: 4th of March 2013 r.

Place: Poznań, Collegium Iuridicum Novum.

List of participants:



Adam Mickiewicz University


Graciela Fuentes – project coordinator

Prof. dr hab. Paweł Wiliński

– scientific coordinator

Piotr Karlik

Aleksandra Woźniak

 Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Formazione


 Prof. Franco Bochicchio

Doris Micieli

 Center for the Study of Democracy


 Miriana Ilcheva

Maria Doichinova

 Sabiedriskas politicas centrs PROVIDUS



 Agnese Lesinska

Ilze Dzenkowska


Welcome address and presentation of partners:

Paweł Wiliński, the Scientific Coordinator of the Project, welcomed all of the Partners, who introduced themselves and presented their organization and activities. The agenda of the meeting was given.

Graciela Funetes, proposed the timetable of the kick – off meeting Partners have agreed to follow previously prepared “Roadmap – Improving protection of victim’s right: access to legal aid” to discuss on framework and sharing responsibilities during the project, as well as sharing common standards for financial accounting.

1.      Sub-contracts partners, other contracts.

Firstly, discussion concerning sub-contracts Partners and other contracts took place. It was decided, that all off the contracts should be distributed and signed till the end of March 2013. Then Graciela Fuentes offered to spread timesheet pattern among Partners.

Partners also decided to send an informal reports with a short statement of the expenses during that time– called table of expenses, every second month. Week before the date of sending table of expenses AMU should remind all the Partners about doing so.

Moreover, all Partners were asked to point name of the person informed and responsible for every task in the project in following weeks.

2.      Setting up Scientific Board

It was agreed that the Scientific Board should be an advisory body. Partners discussed that

Board should be composed of members form international organizations and there should be

one member from each partner country, but the issue remained to be decided later. Tasks of

the Scientific Board will be proposing  ways of development, approving and reviewing

of training, info tools and Protocol of Minimum Standards for Police.

3.      Press articles

As there is a need to issue three press articles at citizenry in each county partner it was decided that the article can be just a short information about the project, which might be also placed in internet, not necessary in press.

4.      Questionnaire for consultation experts

As it turned out, the research directions for the questionnaire to be developed are already prepared by Paweł Wiliński and Graciela Fuentes, who will spread it among Partners within 2 weeks from the kick – off meeting. After  discussion, it was agreed that there should be 20 questionnaires from each partner country. The outcome of questionnaires should relate to legal framework and legal status of victims on  European Union level, as well as local level. Partners have also decide that there should be two types of questionnaires.

5.      Project website

Firstly, a discussion concerning target group of a website took place. Partners agreed that it should be designed for victims. Afterwards, there was a problem of what to do with a website after the end of the project. Paweł Wiliński suggested that students of AMU (students scientific association Iure et Facto) could take care of it and update it. Then the problem of the budget occurred. Because money for the website are in AMU disposition, but actually COINFO is responsible for this task, firstly Franco Bochicchio agreed that the AMU will create the website, but updating of information should be COINFO responsibility. Keeping in mind problem mentioned above, AMU will also create e- newsletter layout and layout of platform of the discussion, which will be available on website, which will be also administrated by COINFO. Nevertheless, in the end, Partners have decided, that in order to avoid unnecessary  complications, it will be better to pass the whole activities concerning web to AMU, including updating of information. Partners have also decided that the project website should be launched in the end of April (30).

6.      Summary of stakeholders consultation

It was decided, that the Summary of stakeholders consultation should be a short description of the contact with stakeholders – was it successful or unsuccessful. The summary should be consisted of 30 pages (all together). End of April was agreed as a deadline for a summary. As the scope should be 6 EU states, Partners decided that beside of partners country, questionnaires will be also distributed in Spain and Scotland. Also, the proposition of turning to Victim Support Europe occurred.

7.      May activities

Nothing was planned for May in the timetable, so it was agreed that activities, which took place before will be in progress and  receiving and analyzing questionnaires will take place.

8.      E-newsletter

As mentioned above, the layout of e-newsletter will be created using the AMU budget, in the end of April/begging of May. Partners agreed, that the layout has to be done in  languages – native language of each Partner plus English version. It was decided, that every single Partner will prepare his own address list (to whom e-newsletter will be sent) Franco Bochicchio agreed that COINFO will be in charge of making decision about the content of every newsletter. Nevertheless, Partners will be sending information that will appear in a

e – newsletter. Basic version will be English one, every Partner will be responsible for translating it into his own language.

 9.      Research paper on the present legal framework and best practices

As the research paper should be 80 pages, Partners decided that every one of them will prepare about 12 pages. Miriana Ilcheva and Maria Doichinova agreed that CSD will be responsible for creating a common model for partners to follow during preparing the paper. Paweł Wiliński offered to prepare the part concerning EU and ICC law. It was agreed that the content of paper should be mapping of legislation, best practices, analysis and outcomes of questionnaires. Basic structure of a paper will be as follows: I. European Union legal framework and victims protection developments (AMU); II. Presentation of local legislations – country by country (Partners); III. Summary – initial conclusions (CSD). Partners agreed that deadline for this task should be 15th August for submitting partners’ contributions and 15th September 2013 for CSD to prepare an initial draft of the research paper.

10.  Brochure on victims’ rights

Partners agreed that brochure should be made for citizens, therefore it should be written in simple language for non-lawyer victims, especially victims being foreigners and victims from rural area. The brochure will be prepared in each Partner native language, and it will provide some basic information, as well as police offices and NGO’s contacts.  All of the brochures will be printed in Italy by COINFO. Each Partner will receive 500 copies (or more if it will available within the same amount of money) at the Steering Committee in Turin. COINFO will be also responsible for creating the structure of brochure, nevertheless, the layout of it should be the same (similar) to the website one. COINFO will send layout and structure of the brochure in the middle of September. Partners will send information for the brochure to COINFO around 1st of October.

11.  Steering Committee meeting in Turin

COINFO proposed 24th of October as a date of Steering Committee in Turin. All partners have agreed.

12.  DVD for information of citizens

As a partner in charge of this task  COINFO will be responsible for creating DVD. The basic content of DVD will be a training information. DVD should be prepared after workshops. Partners decided that DVD should not be prepared for citizens, but for practitioners – this change of audience, together with the change of timing for DVD development, has to be communicated to the Commission. 

COINFO will prepare the DVD, the Partners will be sending information that will appear in the DVD.

13.  Preparation of training handbook

Partners agreed that date of accomplishing this task has to be changed from December to February, so the training handbook will be prepared after and as a result of training – which should be communicated to the Commission. COINFO will be responsible for printing the handbook out. There will be 200 copies, 50 pages each.  The training handbook will be distributed among the Conference participants.  The handbook will also contain information dealing with how to approach victims. Moreover Partners agreed that the language of training book has to be changed to English only and the “Didactical material” should be crossed out from this task, as it is basically the same as training handbook.

14.  Training sessions for practitioners

Training sessions for practitioners will take place in Poznań, Partners decided, it will take 5 days – 2 days of a training, followed by one – day break and 2 day lasting second training. It was agreed that all speakers during the training have to be English speaking ones. Ilze Dzenkowska suggested that all the legal experts, who will be given speeches should prepare materials which could also be used as a handbook content. Also, Partners agreed, that attitude and how to deal with the victims should be emphasize during the training, not the law itself.

15.  Blog on the project website

It was agreed that the purpose of blog on the project website is to enable inside communication between participants and it is not made for a general public.

16.  Round tables in Latvia

Agnese Lesinska and Ilze Dzenkowska proposed to move a date of Round tables to the end of March/beginning of April. All Partners agreed.

17.  Exploitation plan

Graciela Fuentes declared, that she will be responsible for preparation of exploitation plan – electronic version.

18.  Exploitation workshop

As a conclusion of a  discussion, Partners decided that exploitation workshop should be carried out as a brief conference, alike Round table.

 19.  Signing memorandum of understanding

It was agreed that memorandum of understanding will be a short document, which might be signed with stakeholders. It can also take a less strict form – e.g. an agreement to share knowledge, or project materials, with universities and other institutions.

20.  Platform of discussion in social groups

Partners decided, that every one of them will be responsible for creating its own platform of discussion in social groups. It can be done by putting some links on partner’s websites.

21.  Fund raising strategy

As a form of fund raising strategy, Partners agreed to put some proposals concerning where victims organizations could look for a funds, on the project website.

22.  Final conference in Poznań

Paweł Wiliński suggested 10th of July 2014 as a final conference date. Partners have agreed to move a final conference from August to 10th of June.

Summary of a kick-off meeting

Partners decided that as for a current stage of project enough decisions have been made and other topics should be discussed during Steering Committee in Turin. Graciela Fuentes and Paweł Wiliński summarized the outcomes of the discussion and thanked partners for a fruitful meeting.



Improving protection of victims’ rights: access to legal aid

Steering Committee meeting

Date: 24th of October 2013

Place: Sala Lauree – Palazzina Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 64A

List of participants:




Adam Mickiewicz University


Graciela Fuentes

– project coordinator

Prof. dr hab. Paweł Wiliński

– scientific coordinator

Piotr Karlik



Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Formazione



Prof. Franco Bochicchio

Francesca Grassi

Luigi Di Viggiano

Karen Hough

Doris Micieli


Center for the Study of Democracy



Miriana Ilcheva



Sabiedriskas politicas centrs PROVIDUS




Agnese Lesinska

Sanite Sile

Medin Europe Francesco Vallebona



















Welcome of the participants

Scientific coordinator Prof. Paweł Wiliński welcomed all of the participants of the Steering Committee meeting and thanked Coinfo for hosting this event.

Prof. Franco Bochicchio director of the Coinfo welcomed participants as a host and shortly presented the venue of meeting – Faculty of law of University of Torino.

1. Decision making processes

Prof. Paweł Wiliński begun with raising some important issues concerning communication and decision making process that occurred upon the stakeholders’ questionnaires. He admitted that mistakes were committed by all of the partners not forgetting AMU and concluded that this should be great lesson for the future.

2. Presentation of partners activities

All of the partners, one by one presented their activities undertaken within realization
of the project. It showed that all of them fulfilled all of the obligation arising from the project roadmap. Some of them also managed to transcended beyond the circumscribed duties, especially on the field concerning promotion of the project and establishing contacts
with stakeholders. Francesco Vallebona agreed to prepare pattern of tables of expenditures
for financial reports.

3. Report on Legal aid

First of all prof. Wiliński congratulated CSD for great effort which was the preparation
of the draft report. Miriana Ilcheva from CSD thanked all of the partners for their contribution and discussed major comments. She said that there are three types of comments:
a) misunderstandings in the report, b) lack of recommendation for future; c) quantitative data concerning stakeholders opinion. It was decided that partners have to send all of the changes until 10th of November 2013. The stress was laid especially on local recommendations.
Every partner is obliged to send minimum two of them.


4. Website of the project

Issue of the project’s website was the next point from the meeting’s agenda. Prof. Wiliński presented all of the website’s features. It was agreed that partners should translate
all important information into their national languages. Having broad range of information
is very important in reaching as many stakeholders as possible. Partners decided that all necessary information will be send to Aleksandra Woźniak within two weeks.

5. E-newsletter

Piotr Karlik from AMU explained how to use pattern of the newsletter that was send
to all of the partners. Than Prof. Wiliński said that content of newsletter is own matter of each partner. He also reminded that there should be at least four e-newsletter. One presenting
the project, second including invitation to workshops for stakeholders, third with summary
of those workshops, and the last one inviting for the final conference in Poznań.
All of the partners admitted that the list of stakeholders should include every possible organization dealing with victim’s.

6. Brochure for victim

Very important decisions were made upon brochure for victims issue. Partners discussed mainly it’s format and content. It was decided that the brochure will have six pages
(A4 folded on 3) including two covers. Information provided by the brochure will focus on basic information regarding status of a victim in criminal proceedings including possibilities of compensation and free legal assistance. AMU will design simple draft of the brochure
for Coinfo. Other partners than will have to fill brochure with information regarding their national legislation. It was decided that Coinfo until 15th of November will establish preliminary cost calculation of publication of the brochures.

7. DVD issue

Many controversies were caused by DVD issue. Partners encountered problems regarding
its content, so even resignation from its preparation were considered. Idea to replace DVD
by numbers of brochure emerged. Finally partners agreed that such a big change in budget won’t be accepted by the EU Commission. It was decided that DVD will contain power point presentation concerning legal aid issues. This power point presentations will be used also during workshops with citizens. AMU will prepare main assumptions of the DVD content, especially those regarding power point presentations. Coinfo will establish preliminary cost calculation of producing the DVD till 15th of November.


8. Training of practitioners

Many decisions regarding training of practitioners were made during Steering Committee. Graciela Fuentes suggested that there should one teaching modules divided into three parts. First one so called “hard” will focus mainly on legal issues. It is planned that this part will be conducted by UN trainers and will last for two days. It was decided that the second part will concern psychical assistance for the victim. The last one will refer to mediation as an best example of the ADR in criminal proceedings. Partners also decided that there will be prepared two types of questionnaires for that event. One will be distributed to participants before the training and will concern their expectations. The other will be filled after training to see if those expectations were fulfilled. AMU is fully responsible to prepare training modules and basic schedule of trainings.


9. Workshops for citizens

Despite that subject of workshops for citizens where not contained in agenda partners agreed to devote some time for it. Everybody agreed that it is a matter of future but for this particular moment every partner should define its vision and demands regarding those workshops.


10. Final conference

The last part of discussion was spend on final conference matter. Partners agreed that
it should take place in June. Prof. Wiliński asked partners to think over the list of guest that they would like to invite. It concerns also the speakers during the final conference. Propositions should be made within one month.


Summary of the Steering Committee

Prof. Paweł Wiliński thanked all of the partners for such fruitful debate. He admitted that
it undergone his wildest expectations. Once more he asked partners for maintaining current communication. He stated that there is lot to be done, but with good organization all should work.

Prof. Francesco Bochichio thanked everybody for participating in meeting.