Information about programme

The Criminal Justice Support Programme was set up to promote judicial cooperation in the field of criminal justice.

It provides financial support for projects initiated and managed by the Commission with a European dimension, transnational and national projects implemented by organisations in EU countries as well as activities of NGOs or other entities pursuing an aim of general European interest.

The specific programme ‘Criminal Justice ‘, adopted by the Council of the EU on 12 February 2007, was launched to promote judicial cooperation.

Objectives and tools

To achieve this overall objective, the programme aims to:

  • contribute to the creation of a genuine European area of justice in criminal matters based on mutual recognition and mutual confidence;
  • promote the compatibility of rules applicable in EU countries as may be necessary to improve judicial cooperation;
  • improve contacts and exchange of information and best practice between legal, judicial and administrative authorities and the legal professions (lawyers and other professionals involved in the work of the judiciary);
  • improve the training of the members of the judiciary ; and
  • strengthen mutual trust with a view to protecting the rights of victims and the accused.

Financial support

The programme provides financial support through grants and public procurement for:

  • projects initiated and managed by the Commission with a European dimension;
  • transnational and national projects implemented by organisations in EU countries; and
  • activities of NGOs or other entities pursuing an aim of general European interest (including an operating grant to co-finance expenditure associated with the permanent work programme of the European Judicial Training Network).

The programme is destined for inter alia, legal practitioners, representatives of victims’ assistance services and other professionals involved in the work of the judiciary, national authorities and citizens of the Union in general.

Bodies and organisations which are profit-oriented will have access to the programme only in conjunction with non-profit or state organisations.

The programme was adopted for the period 2007-13 with a budget of approximately €196.2 million. Together with the programme ‘Prevention of and Fight against Crime , it replaces the former AGIS programme.